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November Thank You!

This November has been the best in many years and I just wantd thank all of you for making this happen.  Business has been slow in the past but the economy is finally showing us real signs of improvement and we're excited to look to the future.  We're getting in some new displays, even some new round tables to try out for our board game and role playing enthusiasts.  We're adding more glass counters and working towards a better design to serve you, especlally moving the kiosk closer to the singles!

This has been our best Toys for Tots ever but we are still collecting toys and games up until the morning of December 9th.  So please help us overachieve even more.  We've always been proud of everyone's support for this great cause.

So many great games are coming in December and so many games are going to continue to be put on sale throughout the month, so be sure to check our Clearence and Overstock section.

We have limited amounts of Gloomhaven coming, but still no FIRM delivery date(besides December), so keep checking the site.


Cthulhubob and the gang at Hastur Games

Coming up in July

These are a few items coming up in July, we'll add more as we find new info


7/7/17   Yugioh  Battle of Legend Light Revenge Boosters

7/8-9     Prelease for Magic Hour of Devastation Midnight Friday Night, Saturday at 4pm, Sunday at 11am

7/21      Yugioh Link Strike Starter Deck

7/31      Caverna  Head to Head 2 player

7/31      Champions of Midgaard   The Dark Mountains

7/31      Champions of Midgaard   Valhalla

Please Keep Checking Our Website

New items are constantly being added as we finish up loading all of our inventory to our shopping cart.  And many more items are being added every day.  New card games, board games(especially the Tiny Epic Line) will constantly be added.  So keep checking with us to find out whats new in the game world, especially the pre-orders.

Lots of great games ahead!

Lots of games coming up in April.

For Magic: The Gathering  Amonkhet will be here April 28 with prereleases on April 21st(11pm sign up Midnight go) and the 22nd(5pm)

Pokemon will have Sun and Moon Guardians


and many more


Great New Figs for D&D and Pathfinder

Beautiful, already primered and ready to paint, figs from Wizkids.  Come in and check these out.  Right next to our Bones and paints displays :)

Welcome to the New Hastur Games Website

Welcome all to the new and vastly improved Hastur Games Website.  We have a lot of new features and will be adding more as time allows.

Thanks again for your continued Patronage and thank you for being our customer.

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