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Castle Assault

Castle Assault

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The customizable spacial battle card game for 1 or 2 Players!Each Player controls a Castle on either side of the Battlefield. Players play cards from their hand onto the gameboard and these cards physically Charge toward the opposing Castle based on the Abilities of the cards and your choices.Customizable means the cards in your Faction deck can be optimized before battle. Spatial means relating to the space where the physical card is on the gameboard.Cards have Abilities to; keep them alive move more quickly lateral resurrect summon allies surprise phase (dissipate) and damage the opposing Castle from afar. Your opponent may feign attacks play instants or attachments to boost cards or be strategically playing high attack cards behind high defensive cards. There is no fixed strategy to Victory!The 1-Player version provides a "Right-Outta-the-Box Experience" with a Campaign with a centralized Enemy. Can you withstand the Assault?...