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  • Description

    Lost in the Fae and hounded by enigmatic spirits, the brave druids of the Baruitha clan gather to perform sacred rituals in honor of these mystic denizens. Appeasing the creatures may be critical to the clan’s survival in this extraordinary realm. In Fae, 2–4 players assume the roles of wayward spirits within the mystic realm of the Fae, obscuring their identities from each other while influencing and luring the lost druids throughout the strange lands. As the spirits lead groups of druids together, the druids perform rituals that award points. At the end of the game, players reveal their hidden identities, and the player with the most points wins.

  • Details
    Ages: 10+
    Designer: Leo Colovini
    Players: 2-4
    PrimaryName: Fae
    Product Title: Fae
    Publisher: Z-Man Games
    Time: 20 min
    Year: 2018
    Manufacturer: Z-Man Games