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Scotland Yard (2013 Edition)

Scotland Yard (2013 Edition)

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    24 figures emerge from the cards were punched and placed a plastic foot each.
    The head of Scotland Yard receives twelve policemen, six numbered top secret folders, the secret plans and 3 tokens of admiration. The other player, leader of a gang of international espionage, gets 12 characters with their dossiers for the 3 and 9 spy chips chips admiring.


    Place both players back. The head of Scotland Yard takes 6 folders of buildings and hidden secrets 3 planes, in other places chips admiring. The spy chief decides that three characters are spies and what not, well placed spy tabs in the dossiers of the characters chosen, the other will be a token of admiration.


    In turn each player spins the wheel and cautro ahead of his figures both indicate as many squares as roulette, the police begin to Trafalgar Square, blue box, the characters of either red squares.
    The characters and police advance or recede but not in the same play is each shape or forward or backward.

    Indications of roulette.

    There are three different symbols, a figure, to move, a glove and a whistle.
    The figure serves to move the glove indicated that a single policeman and advance the next roll out as many squares as if the police with that movement stands with a character that will be required to identify themselves. If a whistle out the next roll will be double the result.


    • 1 game board
    • 1 board with a special roulette
    • 24 die cuts
    • 24 feet of plastic
    • 12 character dossiers
    • 6 folders top secret
    • 3 chips spy
    • 3 planes secrets
    • 12 chips with admiration
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