Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic, the weekly event for newer and older players alike.  Where you can test new decks, learn new stratagies and even learn how to play Magic: The Gathering.

Signups are at 5:30pm for the Booster Draft. $13 for 3 rounds, Winners each round receive 1 booster pack.  Everyone recieves cool foils just for playing.

Signups are at 6:30pm for Casual Standard. Foils are given out to all participants.

Drafting or casual, have fun on a Friday Night with us.

Saturday Nights we do Casual Commander and another Casual Standard/Modern. 

Sundays we have people doing Modern.

Monday Nights is our Magic League.   The First Monday after a release of a new set you buy 3 packs, make a 30 card deck, play everyone then put your cards away in a storage locker.  Then the next Monday you can purchase another pack and improve your deck(you can also purchase a pack after every 3 losses). this will continue for the next several weeks.  Prizes, certficates awarded at the end.  Play lots of games against the others and stay atop the leaderboard.

Lots of Magic happening here at Hastur Games.