Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease

Friday September 28   11pm Registraion, Midnight Start.

Saturday September 29   4pm Registration 5pm Start.

Sunday September 30   11am Registration Noon Start.


$25 preorder  $30 at the door


When you preregister please leave a note of the top 3 guilds in order of what you would like, each of the guilds are very limited.

There are 5 guild kits to choose from, please list your preference in the the notes with your order.

Boros R/W, Dimir U/B, Golgari B/G, Izzet U/R, Selesnya G/W



During the prereleases, we can sell booster boxes to all that preordered them + the special Buy A Box Promo.  There is a limit of 40.  When these cards are gone, that's it.

The Impervious Greatwurm is unavailable anywhere else.  GONE


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