Lovecraft Birthday Bash Sale



What a great first day of this SALE and it continues into Sunday, Lovecraft's actual Birthday. See you there!

We're celebrating the birth of the late great author H.P. Lovecraft with a Lovecraft Birthday Bash Sale.  Many items never discounted before are going to be sacrificed to the old gent as we strive to make a good showing against Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones (Hastur anyone?).  We have many items overstocked or discontinued by Hastur Games, and many others that are looking for a good home at a reduced rate.  Further details will be forthcoming as the celebration draws nigh...


Here are a few items to note:

Amonkhet Bundles and Toolkits as well as Hour of Devastation Bundles will be at 35% off

Reaper Pewter figures at 40%

All Board Games and RPG Books will have a very special sale happening on Saturday and Sunday.  Buy 2 Get 1 Free at an equal or lower price.  Starfinder will not be part of the sale.

Pokemon Special Collection Boxes 35% off

Comics all 50% off

Pop Figures as low as $7


No returns will accepted from these sale items.



Our biggest sale of the year, so be sure to come and celebrate with us :)