Magic Core Set 2019



July 6-8, 2018

Description: Play the new Magic Core Set 2019 set in one of our prereleases.

Friday July 6, Registration 11pm Start at Midnight

Saturday July 7, Registration 4pm Start at 5pm

Sunday July 8, Registration 11am Start at Noon



Sealed Deck Event $30 You'll receive a tournament pack which contains:

6 packs of Dominaria 1 playguide 1 Spindown Life Counter 1 Special Prerelease Stamped Foil Rare or Mythic


We will provide the land, you provide the talent to make an unstoppable deck. You must play at least one round to sign up for this event. Everyone will receive an extra Dominaria pack at the end (or when they drop after the first round) These events SOLD OUT last time, so PREREGISTER now.


Don't forget, anyone who preorders a Booster Box of 2019 can pick them up at the prerelease along with the Buy A Box promo.

This is the only way you can get this card: