Ravnica Weekend

Ravnica Allegiance Weekend Feb 16

Ravnica Allegiance Magic League
Ravnica Allegiance Magic League starts on Jan 28 and continues through Feb 24.
Just stop on by, grab 3 packs, make a 30 card deck, play a game and qualify for prizes at the end of the league in February.
Play ten games over the month you qualify for a special promo.
Prizes are giving for most wins, most losses, and more.
Someone is always available to play you.  Lots of players are already signed up, including our employees, so don't worry about not getting a game in :)
League starts on Monday Jan 28, but you can come in anytime during the month and play.
Every Monday you can add a pack to your deck or after every 3 losses.
Ravnica Weekend Event
We will have a Ravnica Weekend Event on Saturday Feb 16
$5 Standard 5:00 registration 6:00pm Go
$3 store credit or pack per win(for first 3 rounds)
Special Promo Card for all participants
Winner receives a Store Championship Mat
See you there!