Ravnica Allegiance

Ravnica Allegiance comes out Jan 25, 2019


Open House

We're having an Open House on Jan 12.  This is a great opportunity for new players to learn the game and get a free deck of Magic to play with friends.  Experienced Magic players receive a premium foil card for teaching Magic and/or bring a new player with them(supplies limited).



We're increasing the number of prereleases to 4

Fri Jan 18 11pm; Go at Midnight

Saturday Jan 19 10am; Go at 11am

Saturday Jan 19 4pm; Go at 5pm

Sunday Jan 20 11am; Go at Noon

Price $25 until Jan 16th; $30 after and at the door

This is a great way to play Magic.  Everyone gets 6 packs of Magic and creates their own deck(we provide the land).  Then we'll play up to four rounds and hand out prizes based on your success.  Plus we'll have door prizes between each round and everyone receives another pack of Ravnica Allegiance.  Everyone's a winner at Hastur Games. (You have to play at least one round of Magic to receive the extra pack).


Draft Weekend

Jan 25-Jan 28 is Ravnica Allegiance Draft Weekend.
Ravnica Allegiance Magic League
Ravnica Allegiance Magic League starts on Jan 28 and continues through Feb 24.