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Dungeon Craft - Castle & Keeps

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  • Description

    Castles & Keeps is here, and war is upon us. An army of orcs is laying siege to a castle defended by knights. There are hundreds of new pieces to populate an entire castle, from the guards to the merchants. As well as an entire army of orcs and their allies.

    All new buildings like guard towers, barracks, storehouses, and armories. Both intact, and set ablaze or destroyed. Giant walls, and gates to defend. Royal corridors and chambers to search. Orc generals, and captains to order the horde to attack. Ogre brutes, and catapults to drive fear into the enemy. Weaponized boars outfitted for destruction.

    Product Specs
    • SKU85G-003
    • GRID SIZE1"
    Key Features
    • Fits most maps
    • Water resistant
    • Wet & dry erase
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