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Grandpa Becks Skull King

Grandpa Beck's Skull King

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  • Description

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    • Fans of trick-taking games like Hearts, Euchre, Wizard, or Whist, will love Skull King. The best trick taking game is now better than ever! It’s competitive, rowdy, and exciting.
    • This new version includes all the original cards and rules - with refreshed artwork - plus new expansion cards and optional rules that dial up the intensity even more!
    • Mermaids, Loot, the Kraken, and new special powers for each of the pirates add fresh intrigue. A new scorepad lets you adjust the number of cards and rounds each game.
    • Crafty, strategic, scheming, and conniving are all words that describe pirates. They also describe the people that love this game. Rogues and rascals, this game is for you!
    • As the most elaborate game in our lineup, Skull King is best suited for players 8 and up. Includes 110 beautifully illustrated cards in a travel-friendly box.

  • Details
    Ages: 8 and up
    BGID: 121193
    Designer: Brent Beck
    Mechanics: Hand Management
    Publisher: (Self-published)
    Time: 30 minutes
    Year: 2011