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Cards of Candour

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    The first edition contains 300 question cards carefully devised to help you uncover the hilarious inner thoughts, secrets and stories that your friends never even knew they were keeping from you. 


    Create a more personal experience at your next dinner party or games night.


    How to play?

    1. Shuffle the cards and deal five to each player.


    2. Place the rest of the cards face down in a pile on the table.


    3. Pick someone to go first. If you can’t decide on anyone, everyone pack up and go home. Party's over.


    4. Roll the dice, the dice will tell the roller who to ask a question. If they say yes then you win the points on the card.


    5. Display won cards in front of you, discard lost cards and always have 5 cards in your hand.


    6. Technically the first player to 10 points wins, but we all know the real winner is the person who throws the most shade.

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