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Aliens: Bug Hunt

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  • Description

    "They mostly come at night...mostly" —Newt
    Your challenge in Aliens: Bug Hunt is to complete the mission and evacuate the complex because these xenomorphs converging from every direction are heartless, smart, relentless, and hungry.
    Pick your favorite character from the movie Aliens, each with a unique ability. Every role is critical as players rely on each other to cover their six and make it out alive. The complex is comprised of thirty different location tiles to create different challenges. Private Hudson might ask whether this is a stand-up fight or just another bug hunt; the real question is who's hunting who?
    The game box includes 125 cards, 30 custom dice, 4 USCM marine miniatures, 57 tokens, 30 location tiles, 4 player boards, a missions order, 4 player dossier rulebooks, a dossier envelope, and a game board.

  • Details
    Ages: 17 and up
    Designer: Ryan Miller
    Players: 1–4 Players
    PrimaryName: Aliens: Bug Hunt
    Product Title: Aliens: Bug Hunt
    Time: 60 Min
    Year: 2020