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  • Description
    • THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: Deposit as many crystals as you can to the communal facet board by matching up colors on the hexagonal cards in your hand.
    • HOW TO PLAY: Deposit crystals to the facet board by matching colors on a card in your hand with a card already played on the play area. The more colors you match, the more crystals you can add.
    • STICK YOUR OPPONENTS: When you fill a facet board, you have the opportunity to stick other players with unwanted crystals.
    • END GAME: The game ends when the facet board is full of crystals.
    • WIN by having the fewest crystals in your collection at the end of the game.
    • EASY TO LEARN, DIFFICULT TO MASTER: Crystallized is easy to learn to play, but can be as challenging as each player would like it to be.
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