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Double Bananagrams

Double Bananagrams

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  • Description

    Same as Bananagrams, but with double the letter tiles & rules for up to 16 players.

    From the packaging:

    The anagram game that will drive you BANANAS!!!
    AGES 7-97
    2-16 PLAYERS

    GENERAL RULES (detailed instructions inside banana)
    All letters (the "BUNCH") are placed face down on the table. Everyone takes 11-21 tiles (depending on amount of players). Someone says "SPLIT". Players turn over their tiles and proceed, simultaneously, to create their own individual crossword (which they may constantly rearrange), When a player has no letters left, that player shots "PEEL" and takes one from the "BUNCH". All other players must ALSO take a tile at this time. At any time, and as often as desired, a player with a letter that is difficult to use may say "DUMP" and return it, face down, to the "BUNCH" but must take THREE letters in exchange. Once all the letters in the "BUNCH" are gone, the first player with no letters left shouts "BANANAS" and is the winner of the "hand".

  • Details
    Ages: 7 and up
    BGID: 76322
    Category: Real-time, Word Game
    Publisher: Bananagrams