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    From the Sagacity Website: 'In the old kingdom of ancient Egypt, the pharaoh Zoser, convinced of his divinity, asked his chief architect Imhotep to design a grand tomb to house him in his afterlife. This tomb was to become known as the 'stepped pyramid', the first of the great pyramids of Egypt.Each player is a builder vying to add to their wealth through this grand project. The builders secure the services of some of the kingdom's artisans to supply finished stone for the pyramid and food for their workers. They then use these tiles to build the pyramid and are rewarded for their efforts by the treasury.But building the pyramid is not the only way to gain wealth. There is a thriving market for the stone and food required to build the pyramid. There are profits to be made by selling goods on the open market and at times, tiles purchased on the market may let you build when you would not otherwise be able to do so. By deploying influential members of your family, you can also gain advantage in various aspects of your business dealings.Use your money and influence wisely and the completion of the pyramid will see you take your rightful place as the kingdom's most successful builder.' - BoardGameGeek

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    Ages: 0 and up
    BGID: 36919
    Designer: (Uncredited)
    Players: 2 to 5
    PrimaryName: Imhotep
    Product Title: Imhotep
    Publisher: Sagacity Games
    Time: 0 minutes
    Year: 2009