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Kami Sama: Spirit Way

Kami Sama: Spirit Way

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  • Description
    The Spirit Way expansion for Kami-sama adds new kami and new villagers to the base game, increasing replay value. Included in the expansion are: Daikono, the kami of radishes (and his 10 radish tokens) Kitakori, the kami of ice (and her blizzard token) Kari, the kami of the hunt (and his hunter token) Yuma, the kami of dreams (and his dream tiles). Also included in the Merchant, a new villager. This villager is added to each of the four village decks (four copies of his card, one for each village, are included).

    *Requires Kami-Sama base game to play

    • 4 New Kami: Daikono, Kitakori, Kari,and Yuma
    • 4 New Merchant Villager cards (1 for each village)
    • 10 Radish tokens
    • 1 Blizzard token
    • 1 Hunter token
    • 5 Dream tiles

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    PrimaryName: Kami Sama: Spirit Way
    Product Title: Kami Sama: Spirit Way