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Say Anything

Say Anything

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  • Description

    From the box:

    Say Anything! the more you say, the more you play

    Shout Out Some Categories!

    Animal, Vegetable, Mineral!

    Watch your prompter point to the Say Anything! Playcard. Find out if you are "Hot" or "Cold". Should you go back to a previous word? or Say Anything!? Stuck? Spew more words. Try to get a "Hot" response from your prompter. Keep those categories, ideas and words coming until your team is the first to identify the secret word or time runs out. This fast action twenty questions game with a twist will keep you entertained for hours.

  • Details
    BGID: 35361
    Category: Party Game
    Designer: Jon Shelton
    Publisher: The GAMEWORKS, Inc.
    Year: 1998