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    "Astro Industries (“ASTRO”) mined asteroids for valuable minerals, water and Hydrogen 3. After years of mining in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, they had an innovative idea – move an asteroid into orbit around Earth and quickly mine it there. Asteroid CF2206 was chosen for its deposits of gold, iron and water. A booster was attached, the orbital trajectory was calculated, and Asteroid CF2206 started its journey to Earth. During the 3 year journey, leadership at ASTRO changed and a new plan was created for CF2206. Miners were sent to the asteroid to transform it into the Core Module of STARTROPOLIS, the first private space station. With the mineral deposits from CF2206, ASTRO determined they could build other modules, but they needed outside investors.

    Your parent company decided to invest in the station and have put you in charge with some seed money. What will you purchase from ASTRO? Will you create a Solar Power monopoly? Launch Luxury Habitats and Viewing Modules for the elite? Or try Farms and Industrial Modules? Will you be able to out perform your competition?

    Startropolis is a modular 3D model space station game for 2-4 players. Each turn players purchase modules and connect them to the existing 3D space station, which creates revenue allowing them to purchase more modules. The player with the most credits in cash and module value at the end of the game wins.

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