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Fast & Fhtagn

Fast & Fhtagn

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  • Description

    Every player is a hotshot in a Cthulhoid racer. As the pack screams through an ever-changing city with complete disregard for health, safety, and sanity, they visit chop shops to mod their cars, recruit gangs to help with repairs, and throw themselves both into oncoming traffic and onto narrow sidewalks to pass their loathsome opponents. Fast & Fhtagn is a standalone sequel to the Origins Award–winning Cthulhu 500 card game; it features completely new gameplay with cross-game compatibility. Racers jockey for position in a grid of lanes and sidewalks that changes unpredictably as the pack screams through the city. Players must balance advancement, aggression, modding, and style to win by leading the pack when they reach the finish line. Climb aboard your Cycle of Self-Doubt, open a cannister of Hypnos Oxide, and plant a lucky kiss on your Perverse Bobblehead of Ulthar. If disaster strikes, there’s a Welder Thing up ahead. Winners bask in glory. Losers get fed to the Great Old Ones!

  • Details
    Ages: +13
    Designer: Jeff Tidball
    Players: 3-6
    PrimaryName: Fast & Fhtagn
    Product Title: Fast & Fhtagn
    Year: 2016