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    Furball is an epic game of Cats VS Monsters. These are no ordinary monsters though. You will collect weapon cards and fight your way through Cucumbers, Zombie Dogs, Monster children and the most horrid creature of all, KING FURBALL!!!! The point of the game is to have the most points once all of the monsters have been defeated. On your turn, you will draw 2 cards from the weapons deck, then draw a monster from the monster deck. The requirements for each monster is listed at the bottom of each monster card. If you have any special cards to help defeat the monsters you will play those along with your weapons to kill it. If you do not have enough to defeat the monster, you will lose 1 of 9 lives and the monster will go to the next player. Once all nine lives are lost, you will place a monster back a the bottom of the monster deck to be drawn and defeated again. Be on the lookout for the "Cat Fight" card. This will trigger an event where all players lay down their highest card. The winner takes the cat fight card and gets 5 extra points at the end of the game. Have hours of fun killing the most gruesome creatures in all cat kind. You and your kids will love the fun-playful artwork displayed on every card. Medieval cats fighting monsters? Nothing could be better. —description from the publisher

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