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Hot Tin Roof

Hot Tin Roof

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  • Description
    Game description from the publisher:It's night and you a clever cat living on rooftops high above the busy city have a mission. Your lofty goal is simple: Become the town's "Top Cat". Stealthily moving from roof to roof stake out as many shelters as you can connecting with your cat buddies and collecting tribute fish from your fellow felines. With fish you get valuable cans; collect the most cans and you become Top Cat!To win Hot Tin Roof you've got to navigate the right paths avoid the dangers of the city streets below and dodge the fishy demands of your hungry rivals. Every game involves different paths to victory so you better be nimble and quick curious and catty...and oh so clever! After all just being furry won't make you the best cat on a hot tin roof.
  • Details
    Ages: 10 and up
    Artist: Corey Godbey;
    BGID: 154499
    Designer: Leo Colovini;
    Players: 3 ? 4
    Publisher: Mayfair Games;
    Time: 45 minutes
    Year: 2014