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  • Description
    A merciless war is raging throughout feudal Japan, fueled by the hunger for power or the desire for peace of its great lords. As one of them, you must defend your territory from the enemy threatening your borders. Now it's time to command you troops and read through your opponent's strategy to take over the battlefield and prevail! Kenjin is a quick and subtle card game of bluffing and tactics. You share two random battlefields with each of the players next to you: one worth 4 points, the other 6. You get a hand of thirteen cards numbered from 0 to 3. They are your peasants, thugs, lords. On your turn, send two of them to one or two of your battlefields. When all the cards have been played, each battlefield is won by the player with the highest sum of card values there. Some cards are always played face up, others always face down. Some of them also have a special power: Use your peasants (0) to lure your opponent's troops to a battlefield, or to score more points if they survive. Play a Lord (2) early as it's strengthened by each new reinforcement thereafter. Terrains also impact a battle's outcome: Peasants take arms to protect their rice fields, while military strength is not always enough when you fight over a palace.
  • Details
    Ages: 12 and up
    Artist: Biboun
    BGID: 172362
    Category: Bluffing, Card Game
    Designer: Nicolas Sato
    Players: 2 - 4 players
    PrimaryName: Kenjin
    Product Title: Kenjin
    Publisher: IELLO, Superlude
    Time: 30 min
    Year: 2015