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Lift Off (2018)

Lift Off (2018)

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  • Description

    1950/1960: The race into space is in full swing! We're making great progress on the techniques for supplying astronauts and space-ready machines, for optimizing launch conditions, and of course for designing the much-needed rockets. All this to explore the sheer vastness of space.

    But in Lift Off, not only are two superpowers competing for the most glorious milestones of space travel, no, we players are also very involved. In this game, we each play a private space agency that wants to develop in their own areas. We must hire specialists, improve our rockets, and expand our capabilities because soon we have to decide which missions we want to carry out and what we want to bring into space. Only those who plan ahead and properly manage the resources available will win this race to the stars...

  • Details
    Ages: 12 and up
    BGID: 260757
    Category: Space Exploration
    Designer: Jeroen Vandersteen
    Players: 2-4
    Publisher: Hans im Gluck
    Year: 2018