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One Key

One Key

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  • Description
    The Key is gone! It's up to the players to find it!

    The leader tries to communicate the right key to his team by proposing clues classified according to their similarity (strong, medium or weak) to the map sought. 
    In cooperation, the other players must remove the wrong cards one by one until the Key is identified. But be careful, the slightest mistake immediately ends the game.

    One Key is a game for all types of players. Light and clever, it offers an experience based on associations of ideas and deduction with original equipment with sumptuous illustrations. Find the right card to win the game! To get the most out of One Key, play with the free application, which features a stopwatch and background music to add tension to your games.

  • Details
    Ages: 8+
    Players: 2-6
    Time: 20 min