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Run the Bank

Run the Bank

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  • Description

    Number of Players:
    Card game for 3 to 6 players.

    You are in the year 1850, the "Free Banking Era", where the banking world is the Wild West.
    Do you trust the bank with your money and earn interest? Or do you run the bank and pull it all out before your friends do? Getting the timing wrong will leave you penniless!

    Run the Bank is a risk and reward style game.
    Each round every player choses to either DEPOSIT money into their bank account, or stash money into their personal vault by choosing to PANIC. Players also choose each round how much money they are going to invest into their chosen option. Money in the bank accrues interest, which goes directly to a player’s vault. However, money in the bank can be lost if a bank run occurs. Money stored in your vault is secure the rest of the game, however, it can not earn you interest.

    Each round, players who choose to put money in their vault (PANIC), increase the odds of a bank run occurring, putting players bank currency at risk. The more players that panic, the higher the odds of a bank run.

    Winning Conditions
    You win the game by getting more money than other players stashed in your vault.

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