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Magic Grab x3

Magic Grab x3

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  • Description

    <p>Magic Grab Bags</p>

    <p>What's included:</p>

    <p>20 Cards, 16 Commons, 3 &nbsp;Uncommons, 1 Rare</p>

    <p>We've made a HUGE amount of grab bags and we've added some more surprises this time around.&nbsp; First off, multiple BOOSTER BOXES.&nbsp; Coupons are enclosed that will be good for 1 booster box of magic (current standard).&nbsp; Lots of great cards rares and more.&nbsp; Remember, we put cards in from the beginning of Magic.&nbsp; So you get a spectrum of great cards from all the years.</p>

    <p>In the late 90's we included Moxes,&nbsp; now we include Boxes.</p>