Chaos Daemons Arrive

Warhammer's newest codex and combat patrol for the Chaos Daemons are hitting the shelves soon! Check out these amazing new additions to the Warhammer 40,000 lineup, and brace yourself for a new era of chaos!

                                Codex: Chaos Daemons                                                       Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons

Pokemon: Lost Origin Prerelease

Pokemon trainers get ready for this weekend's prerelease event for the upcoming set: "Lost Origin"! Stop by Saturday, August 27th to get special previews of new cards, play games, and earn fantastic prizes as we welcome in this great new set! Hope to see you there!


Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2022

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Tournament Entry Price: $30

Dominaria United Prerelease

Dominaria United is coming soon, and we will be holding multiple prerelease events to welcome the set! In addition to the standard prerelease events most players are used to, "Jumpstart Prerelease" will be introduced during the weekend as well. Click here to find out more about the events, and register for one you'd like to participate in!

D&D In Space!

The newest modules for Dungeons & Dragons have finally released in the "Spelljammer" set. Set a course for the stars in this fantastic setting for D&D, where players and dungeon masters can take part in adventures across the planes of the multiverse! We've got both standard art and alternate art covers available, as well as a ton of Spelljammers themed miniatures for use in your adventures!

Star Wars Villainous Is Here!

Embrace the dark side in the new version of Villainous, themed around your favorite Star Wars villains! Choose your villain, control your sector, and fulfill your destiny in this fantastic new addition to the Villainous game line! This edition adds new characters and mechanics to make for a unique gaming experience, but stays true to the familiar game of Villainous featured in previous versions. This a release you do not want to miss out on!



Click here to purchase a copy of the game!


Fantastic New Local Game

Recently we got in stock a super fun game created by a Utah local. Disoku! combines the brain puzzling activity of sudoku with dice to create a wonderful strategy game that will be enjoyable by family and friends of all skill levels! Come check out this fantastic new title while supplies last!

"Attack On Titan" Weiss Schwarz Reprints

Weiss Schwarz announced a reprint of the first and second Attack on Titan sets, and that reprint has finally been released! This reprint is a chance for those who missed the initial release to get cards from their favorite show. This reprint was heavily limited, so get your hands on booster packs or boxes before they're all sold out!

Chaos Space Marine New Releases

With the release of the 9th edition CSM codex, new models were desperately needed... and now they're here! Buff up your army with updated Chaos Cultists, and new Chaos Chosen, Chaos Warpsmith, and Dark Commune miniatures kits!

Meta Zoo Is Here

Requests have recently come in for Meta Zoo product, and we are finally carrying it in store. Currently, we have available the UFO set series. This includes booster packs, booster boxes, starter decks, starter boxes, and prerelease-style kits. This recent stock is limited; come check it out before it's gone.

Marvel: United + Kickstarter Available Now!

Marvel: United has arrived at Hastur Games! This exciting cooperative game comes with a plethera of expansions, so fans of any Marvel character are sure to have a blast playing! We also got several of the Kickstarter exclusives, including one-time-only figures and special prices on box bundles! Search for the game on our site or stop by the store to check out this fantastic new Marvel game!