Lorcana Chapter 3 Releases This Weekend!

The third set of Disney's Lorcana TCG "Into the Inklands" releases this Friday, February 23rd! This set brings brand new mechanics to the game, encouraging more strategy and deck creativity! This set will be available in a limited quantity; call the shop or come by early on release day to secure cards for yourself before they're all gone!

The Book of Many Things Arrives!

After months of delays, "The Book of Many Things" for Dungeons & Dragons 5E has arrived at the store!

Introduce more magical whimsy into your game with The Book of Many Things. Dive deeper than ever before into the lore behind the beloved magic item, the Deck of Many Things. How did it come to be? What is the significance of one baneful figure depicted in the cards? The answers you seek – and more – will be revealed for the first time ever.

The Book of Many Things Illuminates the deck’s mysteries and provides everything Dungeon Masters & players need to use them in their campaigns. This book includes cosmic character options, adventure locations, mysterious organizations, mystic monsters, and more; all inspired by the deck.

  • Create mystic characters with 2 new backgrounds, 1 feat, and 3 mystical spells
  • Clash with over 30 new mystical monsters
  • Uncover 50+ new magic items inspired by the cards
  • Offers tools for DMs like traps, location maps, & more

Hastur Games Black Friday Deals

We have tons of sales going on storewide for almost every type of product we carry. Stop by on this year's Black Friday to get your hands on some great products at a great discount!

  • All board games @ 20% off
  • Magic the Gathering standard legal DRAFT Booster Boxes @ $80.00/box (Innistrad Midnight Hunt to present)
  • Magic the Gathering Strixhaven, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and Battle For Baldur’s Gate DRAFT booster boxes @ $80.00/box
  • Pokemon Gift Boxes @ 20% off
  • Frosthaven @ 30% off
  • D&D Players Handbook, DM’s Guide, Monster Manual, GM Screen, Character Sheets @ 30% off
  • D&D Starter Books Gift Box Set @ 40% off
  • Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat and Battletech: Beginner Box @ 20% off
  • YugiOh 25th Anniversary Tin Dueling Heroes @ 20% off
  • Dice Sets @ 15% off
  • Painted D&D and Pathfinder Miniatures @ 20% off
  • Select Weiss Schwarz @ 20% off
  • Citadel Paint Pots @ 20% off

Lorcana Has Arrived

Our first Lorcana shipment is here! We have booster packs and starter decks ready to purchase. Due to the low amount that was shipped, we are limiting packs to 5 per customer and decks to 1 per customer; get your hands on some while you can! More Lorcana should be coming in September! Thank you all very much for your patience.

Lorcana Update

Hello everyone. We're all very excited for Lorcana, but we have some unfortunate news about the release. Lorcana was supposed to release today; unbeknownst to us, our first wave shipment was delayed until next week. We apologize to all of those who had preordered product, or those just now hearing about the game. We will have things available some time next week, and a post will be made here and on our socials once that time comes. Thank you all for your patience.

Commander Masters Release Draft

Next week is our special release draft for Commander Masters, Magic the Gathering's newest premium set! Featuring a plethora of amazing reprints and tons of new cards, Commander Masters is perfect for casual and competitive EDH players!

Date: August 4th

Time: 6:00 PM

Entry Cost: $40


New Commander Night

In addition to our normal Saturday Commander play night, we have added one to Friday as well! This event is casual like the Saturday event. However, we are implementing a pairing system for matches based off of the power level of player decks. Event begins at 6:30, and is free to all participants. Come by on Fridays for more weekly Magic!

Battletech Every Week

Our growing Battletech community now has a night sanctioned for them! Come by on Friday nights to paint mechs and play games! Join our Discord server to meet the community, share paint jobs, and chat all things Battletech!

New Paint, Who Dis?

Pro-Acryl, the fantastic miniature paint line from Monument Hobbies, has arrived at the shop! These paints have great coverage, come in a wide assortment of colors, and all bottles come with a ball agitator! Click here to browse this wonderful paint line.

Tales of Middle-Earth Releases This Week!

Tales of Middle-Earth, the newest Magic the Gathering set, is arriving in-store this week! This set brings the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to the tabletop in a way you've never experienced before! Iconic characters and locations, new and exciting mechanics, a literal one-of-one printing of The One Ring — this set has it all! We will have draft, set, jumpstart, & collector booster boxes and packs, commander decks, and singles available on release day, June 23rd. Preorder now in-store or by clicking here!